Statistics-I                                                      Credit 3 (2-1)

Definition and importance of Statistics in Agriculture, Data Different types of data and variables

Classification and Tabulation of data, Frequency distribution stem-and-Leaf diagram, Graphical representation of data Histogram, frequency polygon, frequency curve.

Measure of Central tendency, Definition and calculation of Arithmetic mean, Geometric mean, Harmonic mean, Median quantiles and Mode in grouped and ungrouped data.

Measure of Dispersion, Definition and Calculation of Range, quartile deviation, Mean deviation, Standard deviation and variance, coefficient of variation.


a.          Frequency Distribution

b.          Stem-and-Leaf diagram

c.          Various types of Graphs

d.          Mean, Geometric mean Harmonic Mean,

e.          Median, Quartiles Deviation, mean Deviation.

f.            Standard Deviation, Variance, Coefficient of variation,

g.          Skewness and kenosis


Recommended Books:

1.          Introduction to Statistical Theory Part- I by Sher Muhammad and Dr. Shahid Kamal (Latest Edition)

2.          Statistical Methods and Data Analysis by Dr. Faquir Muhammad

3.          A. Concise Course in A. Level Statistic with world examples by J. Crawshaw and J. Chambers (1994)

4.          Basic Statistics an Inferential Approach 2nd Ed. (1986) Fran II. Dietrich-II and Thomes J. Keans