Objective and Learning Outcome


The course is designed to address the intricacies of soil and plant relations for crop production. The students should be able to understand hypoxia and salinity interactive effect on plant growth and importance of mycorrhizae, water and nutrient uptake and translocation to aerial parts.


Course Contents


1.            Soil-plant-environment relationship


2.            Plant root system: growth distribution, forms and factors affecting; Root hairs and CEC of roots; shoot-root relationship


3.            Rhizosphere: root exudates and factors affecting; pH, redox potential and significance


4.            Mycorrhizae: types and mechanisms for water and nutrient uptake

5.            Uptake and transport of ions: movement in soil and plant


6.            Mechanisms of ion transport across membranes: Ion release into xylem, xylem and phloem transport; factors affecting ion uptake


7.            Water movement from soil to plant root and within plant

8.            Water use efficiency and transpiration ratio

9.            Water stress, hypoxia and plant growth

10.        Mechanisms of salt tolerance; salinity-hypoxia interaction

11.        Plant responses and adaptation to extreme environments



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