Objective and Learning Outcome


In this course, students will learn various ways and means of soil and water losses and how these losses can be decreased with various strategies of their conservation.


Course Contents


1.            Soil erosion: description, types and impact on environment

2.            Water and wind erosion: forms, causes and damages

3.            Gravity erosion and landslides


4.            Erosion prediction: modified Universal Soil Loss Equation; wind erosion equations


5.            Erosion control and management: agronomic, engineering and bioengineering practices


6.            Hydrological cycle and its components


7.            Water conservation and management practices, and water harvesting techniques


8.            Strategies for soil, water and environment conservation

9.            Socio-economic issues of soil and water conservation




1.            Measurement of slope gradient and discharge in water course

2.            Calculation of runoff and soil losses

3.            Visit to agro-meteorological / weather station


4.            Visit of agronomical, engineering and bio-engineering practices used for soil and water conservation


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