Objective and Learning Outcome


Extent of salt-affected soils, sources and type of salinity, water quality and management are discussed. The students will be able to diagnose type of salinity, apply suitable reclamation techniques and recommend sustainable management for crop production.


Course contents


1.            Salt-affected soils, classification, properties and extent

2.            Salination and sodication: Gapon and pHc equations

3.            Systems of characterization of salt-affected soils

4.            Chemistry of soil solution


5.            Root zone salinity

6.            Reclamation and management of salt-affected soils

7.            Irrigation water: Criteria and classification

8.            Groundwater: Characteristics and resources

9.            Salinity build up and prediction

10.        Waterlogged soils: Causes, impact and management


11.        Bio-saline Agriculture




1.            Field visits and sampling of salt-affected soils and irrigation water

2.            Saturated soil extract analysis, SAR calculation and ESP prediction

3.            Irrigation analysis, classification and interpretation


4.            Gypsum requirement of soil and brackish irrigation water

5.            Demonstration of Ex-situ soil reclamation techniques


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