ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY                            3(3-0)                



This course aims to extend the fundamental knowledge of various pollutants and its interactions with environment. After reviewing basic chemical concepts of environmental chemistry, it can have more advanced and contemporary applications including ozone depletion, physiochemical and biological treatment of pollutants and green chemistry. The chemistry of processes of the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere are covered in detail and the effects of pollutants on each of these chemical processes are extensively considered, as are their effects on the biosphere.




Course Outlines

Concept and scope of environmental chemistry. Chemical reactions, kinetics and mechanism concerning to organic and inorganic pollutants. Fundamentals of aquatic, atmospheric and soil chemistry. Fate of pollutants in environment; their sources and toxic actions. Acid rain and chemistry of stone cancer. Green house effect and its effects on biological systems. Ozone chemistry, its causes and adverse effects on environment. Environmental impact of various industries.


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