This course is designed to give an overview of the principles and methods of business research: identification of research question, development of theoretical framework  and  model,  securing  the  respondents,  making  a  test  investigation, sampling, collecting data, types and errors of collected data, tabulating and analyzing  the  information,  interpreting  the  findings  and  stating  the  conclusion through a series of class projects. Practical experience is offered to the students on how research techniques and procedures are applied to solve the business problems. This course is also designed to encourage the students to explore the application of theories that have been predominantly developed in Western cultures by using different research method techniques. An understanding of the relevance of Western research for local practice would help students to explore various business   related   problems   and   their   plausible   solutions   from   indigenous perspective. The course will also help the students in understanding the importance of the business research as a management decision tool and in dealing with various business-related theoretical and applied problems.




At the end of this course, the students should be able to:

1.   Recognize the importance of research as a first step in Business Studies.

2.  Translate basic/applied business issues into appropriate academic research questions.

3.  Understand the links between the issues being investigated and the method of investigation.

4.  Understand the relevance of Western research in providing solutions to the local managers by investigating the dominant theories business education.

5.  Understand the governing principles in the qualitative and the survey research traditions, the merits and limitations of each, and of their independent and supporting roles in business contexts.

6.  Use different software for statistical analysis and interpretation including SPSS, Amos, and E-Views etc.

7.  Understand and apply the skills required to design and conduct research studies using qualitative and/or survey methods.

8.  Acquire the ability to interpret research results and establish the substantive meaning and implications of the findings for managerial practice.