Introduction and importance, Pre- and post-harvest factors affecting quality, Climacteric and non-climacteric commodities, Indices of crop maturity / ripening, harvesting and pre-cooling, Curing and artificial ripening of horticultural commodities, Packing house operations; culling, grading, washing, cleaning, colouring, waxing and packaging of important horticultural commodities, Packing materials and containers, Storage; principles and types, storage life and factors determining it, International standards and quality assurance, sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures, Shipment for local and foreign markets.
Machinery and equipment used for various operations, Demonstration of harvest indices, Practices in harvesting, curing, packing and preparation of different fruits, vegetables and cut flowers for marketing, Determination of total soluble solids; Determination of fruit firmness, starch-iodine test, color determination, Visits to the fruit, vegetable and floral markets, packing houses and cold storages etc.