Courses of BS Economics 2nd Semester (Morning)

Course Contents and Recommended Books

Micro and macro economics; economic aggregates and flow of economic activities; Macroeconomic issues: economic growth, stability and social welfare; Macroeconomic policy framework; National income and product accounts; Theories of consumption/saving and investment; Money, bonds and interest; Macroeconomic equilibrium and policy effectiveness; Inflation-unemployment; trade-off; International trade; balance of payments and exchange rates.

Recommended Books:


  1. Mankiw, G. (2001). Principles of Economics. 2ndEdition. South-West Publishers.


  1. Samulson and Nordrons. (2004). Economics. 18th Edition. McGraw Hill. Inc.


  1. Parkin, Michael. (2004). Macroeconomics. 7th Edition. Prentice Hall.
  2. Miller, R.L. (2005). Economics Today. 14th Edition. Addison Wesley.


  1. Sloman, J. (2010). Economics, Latest Edition.