Subject: NGO Managment
Code: SOC-604 MSc
Class: MSc 4th
Instructor: Sajeel Ahmad Danish

·       Basic Concepts

o   Civil Rights, Democratic Rights and Human Rights.

o   Perspectives on Rights: Liberal, Marxist and Neo-Marxist.

o   State, Constitution and Rights in Pakistan: Class, Caste, Tribe and Gender Growth of new rights e.g. Environment

o   Rights movement in Post in the post independent period

o   Rights and Globalisation, Role of United Nations and Anti-Globalisation Movements.

·       Conceptualising ‘state sovereignty’

o   Creation of states

o   Statehood and state sovereignty

·       The nature of international law

o   Municipal law versus international law

o   Making and enforcing international law

o   IR actors as subjects of international law

o   Theory and themes

·       Human rights in international law

o   Important human rights treaties and obligations of state parties -UDHR, ICCPR, ICESCR etc

o   Human rights as part of international customary law

o   Enforcing human rights

o   Preventive action / Humanitarian interventions (Past successes – Mozambique, failures – Rwanda, Somalia)

o   International courts and tribunals

§  Prosecutable offences under international law

§  ICTY and ICTR

§  ICC

o   National mechanisms and transitional justice

o   TRC in South Africa

§  Gacaca trials in Rwanda

o   Soft law as an alternative

§  The role of IGOs and non-state actors

§  Foreign policy tools


1.          Forsythe, D.P.: Human Rights in International Relations (second edition), CUP, 2006

2.          The social context of Law by Sheryl J. Grana and Jane C. Ollenburger, pages 14 to 17.

3.          Sociology of Law. Types and functions of Law: Law and Society by Steven Vago and Adie Nelson, pages 1 to 23.

4.          Defining Law: Alex Wellington and Allan Greenbaun, pages 8 to 9.

5.          Sociolegal theories: An introduction by Neil Boyd, pages 3 to 29.

6.          The Sociology of Law by Brian Burtch, pages 27 to 35 41 to 51.

·       Introduction

o   The concept of education

o   Origin and development of education

·       Institutional Fabric of Education

o   Education and religion

o   Education and polity

o   Education and economy

o   Education and social mobility

·       Forms of Education

o   Formal

o   Non-formal

o   Informal

·       Contemporary Educational System

o   Semester system

o   Annual system

·       Education in Pakistan

o   Educational statistics

o   Education policy and reforms

o   Private and public sectors of education

o   Education problems

o   Quality of education

o   Investment in education

o   Access to education

o   Teachers’ training

o   Dropouts and wastage

o   Students’ problems


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