·       Introduction

o   Characteristics of scientific social research

o   Theory and research types of social research qualitative and quantitative approaches in social research

o   Quality of good researcher

o   Difficulties in social research.

·       What is Research problem

o   Choosing the problem and its significance

o    Review of relevant literature, theoretical framework

o    Formulation of research question 

o   Derivation of research hypothesis

o    Measuring the variable, operationalization, validity and reliability,

o   The time dimension: 1-cross sectional studies 2- longitudinal studies 3- approximating longitudinal studies

o   Unit of analysis: 1- individuals 2- groups 3- organizations

·       Research design

o   Definition of research design

o   Characteristics of research design

o   Types of research design

o   Components of research design.

·       Making a hypothesis

o   Meaning and forms of hypothesis

o   Functions of hypothesis

o   Sources and logic of driving hypothesis

o   Characteristics of useable hypothesis

o   Statistical testing of hypothesis.

·       Sampling

o    Sampling techniques

o    Preparation of sampling frame

o    error and control

o   Types and method of data collection

o    Instruments of data collection

o    Questioner development

o    Design and format

o   Pre-testing and revision

o    Field problem in data collection.

o    Reporting and editing

·        Processing of data

o    Analysis of data by using computer

o    Statistical techniques used in data analysis

o    Interpretation/description of data using technical language.

o    Practical (the students are required to collect data and by using some statistical package analyze data.


·       Data collection

o   Sources of data

o    Methods of data collection

o    Survey method

o    Experimental method

o    Case study method

o    Historical method/documentation

o    Content analysis method.

·       Tools of data collection

o   Observation (participants and non-participants)

o   Questionnaire

o   Interview schedule

o    Focus group discussion (FGD)

·       Measurement and scaling

o   Types of scales

o   Paired comparison

o   Method of equal appearing interval

o   Internal consistency scale

o   Thurston scale

o   Rating scales.

·       Analysis and interaction of data

·       Presentation of data and report writing

o   Format of report

o   Graphic and pictorial presentation

o   Report writing, bibliography

o   Footnotes and references.


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·       Introduction

o   Social work and its definition

o   Relationship with sociology

o   Applications of sociological knowledge in social work

o   Historical development of social welfare in South Asia

o   Concept of welfare state and social welfare

·       Methods of social work

o   Case work: Basic concepts, principles of case work practice

o   Group work: goals and purposes, principles of group work practice

o   Community development: Nature and scope of community development with special reference to Pakistan

·       Social work services

o   Psychiatric social work

o   Medical social work

o   Social work in schools

o   Child welfare

o   Services for the aged

o   Services for women

o   Services for the disabled

o   Poverty reduction and other services

·       Social work in Pakistan

o   Role of government agencies-historical perspective

o   Role of international agencies

o   Role of NGOs


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