The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with the nature and scope of Social Work. This course will familiarize the students with the basic knowledge of Social work.




1.    Definition of social work

2.    Philosophical base of social work

3.    Basic principles of social work

4.    Professional and voluntary social work

5.    Islamic concept of social work

6.    Modern concept of Social work

a.    Preventive

b.    Curative

c.     Rehabilitative

7.    Social Work methods 

a.    Primary

                                                                        i.     Social Case work;

                                                                      ii.     Social group work

                                                                    iii.     Community organization and development

b.     Secondary

                                                                        i.     Social Research

                                                                      ii.     Social welfare Management (Administration)

                                                                    iii.     Social Action 

8.    Important fields of social work practice 


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The course will provide familiarity about history of social thought, stages of social development and change. The course will emphasize contributions of Western, Eastern and Muslim Thinkers towards social thought and social development.


Course Outline


1.    Introduction

a.    Historical Development of Social Philosophy

2.    Early Social Thought

a.    Folk Thinking

b.    Greek

c.     Egyptian

d.    Babylonian

e.    Chinese

f.      Indian Social Thought

3.    Contribution of Muslim Thinkers in Social thought

a.    Abuzar Ghafari

                                                    i.          Wealth Theory

b.    Imam Ghazali

                                                    i.                         Causes of group life

                                                  ii.                         Social justice

                                                iii.                         Educational reforms

c.     Ibn-E-Khuldun

                                                    i.                         Philosophy of history

                                                  ii.                         Science of culture

                                                iii.                         Ethnocentrism

                                                iv.                         Rise & fall of nations

                                                  v.                         Causes of social life


d.    Shah Waliullah

                                                    i.                         Evolution of society

                                                  ii.                         Causes of social life

                                                iii.                         Societal disease

                                                iv.                         Concept of perfect society

e.    Moulana Ubedullah Sindhi

                                                    i.                         Basic Human Ethics

f.      Allama Iqbal

                                                    i.                         Concept of self

                                                  ii.                         Theory of religion


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