1. Introduction to Multivariate Normal Distribution,
  2.  Estimation of the mean vector and covariance matrix. 
  3. Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA). 
  4. Principal Component Analysis (PCF)
  5. Factor Analysis (FA)
  6.  Discriminate Analysis (DA)
  7. Canonical Correlation cluster Anlaysis. (CCCA)

Recommended Books:

  1. Anderson, T.W. (2003) " An Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis" John Wiley,New York.
  2. Flurry B. (1997) " A first Course In Multivariate Statistics", Springer Valerg, New York.
  3. Chatfield, C. and Collins A.J. (1980). " Introduction to Multivariate Analysis" . Chapman and Hall, London.

R programming

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