Course Code: MATH 102
Course Title: Calculus II
Credit Hours: 3 + 0
Integration and Definite Integrals
 Techniques of evaluating indefinite integrals
 Integration by substitutions, Integration by parts
 Change of variable in indefinite integrals
 Definite integrals, Fundamental theorem of calculus
 Reduction formulas for algebraic and trigonometric integrands
 Improper integrals, Gamma functions
Applications of Integration
 Asymptotes.
 Relative extrema, points of inflection and concavity
 Singular, points, tangents at the origin
 Graphing of Cartesian and polar curves
 Area under the curve, area between two curves
 Arc length and intrinsic equations
 Curvature, radius and center of curvature
 Involute and evolute, envelope
Sequence and Series
 Sequences, Infinite series, Convergence of sequence and series
 The integral test, Comparison tests, Ratio test, Root test
 Alternative series, Absolute and conditional convergence
 Power series, Interval and radius of convergence
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2. H. Anton, I. Bevens, S. Davis, Calculus, 8th Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2005
3. Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, McCallum, et al, Calculus Single and Multivariable, 3rd Edition.
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Massachosetts, 1983

Business Communication

Introduction to Communication Skills

·         Understanding of Business Communication

·         Various types of Communication In Business

·         Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Skills

Written Communication

·         Letter, Minutes, Memo

Oral Communication

·         Interviews,

·         Conducting meetings,

·         Art of presentation Speaking,

·         Verbal and Non-verbal aspect of Delivery,

·         body language, 

·         Golden Rules for the Presenter