At the end of this course, student will be capable:

To understand the process involved in building a brand and why it is an important and powerful part of the guiding philosophy for most organizations and an important element in a cohesive and sustainable business strategy.

To develop the knowledge and perspective necessary to facilitate the development of strong brands and businesses.

To become familiar with the opportunities and boundaries presented by brand management tasks and decisions in a wide cross section of industries.

To develop an understanding of how to manage brands for continued growth and profitability.

Course Description/Objective

Product knowledge as an essential issue in modern marketing, is critical for strategic decisions and operative decisions. The product policy and its interrelation with other marketing mix elements, define the marketing management scenario.

Product management subject is focused since the beginning on strategic and operational marketing issues. Every single variable is to be review from a global to individual perspective, but permanently focused on processes for taking decisions.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should have:

  • A general overview about the today`s product concept, including product classifications, branding and positioning
  • The main tools for product range analysis: Information sources, main ratios, strategic and operative matrixes and product life cycle
  • New product launch including the most used programs to secure the success of the product launching plan
  • Study the peculiarities of the services. What they have in common with the tangibles and the main differences

Course Contents

Marketing in contemporary organization, history of marketing thoughts, post modern marketing and beyond, arts marketing, building brand culture, ethical debates in marketing, sustainable marketing and green consumers, social marketing and consumer citizenship, new technologies of marketing,


Recommended Books/Reading Material

Elizabeth Parsons, Pauline Maclaran, Contemporary Issues in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour